baby in bath tub playing with bubbles in cake smash photo session with Rachel Fairfield Photography
Baby sitting next to letters spelling ONE in cake smash photo session with Rachel Fairfield Photography
Baby girl laughing next to a cake during a cake smash photo shoot with Rachel Fairfield Photography

Looking for a baby photographer in Surrey? Then you are in the right place! I have two main sessions available for older babies who have outgrown the newborn phase: a Sitter Session or The Birthday Cake Smash Session. This page tells you all you need to know about a Cake Smash session with me.

Birthday Cake Smash Session

A birthday cake smash session in my Surrey Photography Studio is the perfect way to celebrate a first or a second birthday, and have something amazing to treasure for you, and for them, when they are older.  Until a child turns three, they don’t have much concept of their birthday, so it's a wonderful first birthday gift for the whole family.

We start with a sitter session, we then let your baby play with some transparent balloons, and then bring out the cake! There is no right or wrong way for your baby to react. Some babies will dive straight in head first, some will be more hesitant, but whatever their reaction, we will capture your baby just being him or herself :-). Your baby can then enjoy getting clean in my mini bath tub and have some fun with even more bubbles.


A cake smash session usually lasts around 90 minutes.  If you would prefer to have the birthday session but with my lovely wooden cake, instead of a real cake, then please do let me know.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from recent cake smash sessions at my photography studio in Surrey.  If you are looking for a baby photographer in Surrey, or have questions about any of my studio sessions, please do get in touch!

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