Here are some pictures of my absolute favourite product, my folio box set.  You can personalise the cover of the folio box with the name of your little one and once you have your prints hanging on the wall, the box is is perfect for keepsakes as your little one goes through childhood.  Their first nativity programme, the newsletter announcing their christening, all the things you will love to look back at when they're older!  

The box contains a copper and crystal 8GB USB stick, and each print is 10x7 with a 11x14 white mount.


The folio box will hold up to 15 prints inside, so you could even add prints from more than one session, all within the same box. For example you could include your favourite 5 maternity pictures, 5 from your newborn session and 5 from a sitter session when baby is a little older.

If you have any questions at all about the folio box, or any of my other products, please do get in touch!

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"Rachel had lots of fantastic ideas about how to get the best pictures of our son Lucas, and was great at reacting to the unpredictable moments that naturally occur with a newborn baby. These moments actually resulted in some brilliant pictures! Crucially, when the photoshoot was interrupted, because Lucas needed feeding or comforting, we weren’t made to feel like it was a race against the clock.  Rachel’s patience and calming demeanour continually shone through." LOUISE & STEVE, ESHER