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Rachel Yeats and children
Rachel Yeats photographer profile
Rachel Yeats family

Meeting people and getting to know families and building a relaxed and happy relationship with them is crucial with my work.  I place such a huge emphasis on friendships in my life, too.  So, I guess you should know a bit about me!

I am a Photography Institute graduate.

Here are five other rather random facts about me:

I have a degree in Neuroscience

I fainted when I had my ears pierced 

I have scuba dived with a whale shark (I know!)

I ran the Berlin marathon in 2010 (never again)

I am a Monster Munch fiend! Especially pickled onion flavour...

Now here's a little secret fact...My name is actually Rachel Yeats, not Rachel Fairfield! I wanted to use Fairfield in my photography business name as it's the name of my family home in Sussex where I grew up.  It symbolises to me the huge importance of my roots and my family.  In my parents' garden, there is a beautiful oak tree which I adore and which scatters acorns throughout the garden during the autumn months.

I live in Esher with my husband Steve and my three lively children (also known as The Trio) Leo (9), Annabel (8) and Holly (4).   At the weekend, we love going for walks and bike rides on Esher Common, Bushy Park and going down to the Thames Path by Hampton Court Palace. For something a bit different, we take a trip to watch the motor racing at Brands Hatch (ear defenders required!).


Before I had children I thought that all my offspring would be pretty much the same, but they are all SO different and unique.  It's fascinating to see how they grow and develop.  Now, I love being a mum more than anything in the world, but WOW it’s tough some days! That’s why I personally think it's so important to take time out of the day-to-day stuff and have the chance to capture your babies (big and small!)  just being themselves.  I took my own advice recently and had a lavender photoshoot with my husband and The Trio.  It really was such wonderful escapism! And now, we have some beautiful pictures for all the family to enjoy for years ahead. I’m ALWAYS the one behind the camera, so it was important to me to get some pictures with me actually in them!



I am one of very few newborn studio photographers in the Surrey area who adopt a more authentic style of baby photography.


I capture babies as they are; simple and beautiful! I love to catch a little yawn, a stretch, a snooze (if they are feeling that way inclined!) and, I totally adore babies' feet!

You won’t see me popping crowns on babies’ heads, or posing them in awkward positions; my newborn and baby photography is natural.  Babies are perfect bundles of captivating innocence and I love to let them be the stars of the show. 


My on location outdoor photography sessions are also unhurried and natural and take place at one of the gorgeous outdoor locations we are lucky to have here in Surrey. 


I love watching wonderful moments with families, interacting and enjoying taking a little time out of your busy lives to let you be just you! I get that children love running amongst the autumn leaves, balancing on fallen branches or enjoying the sweet smell of spring as it arrives with its pretty blossom and I'll be there to grasp these moments for you to keep forever.  


Being a mum of three, I feel like I've seen it all! I understand that things don't always go according to plan, especially when the pressure's on.  This is why my sessions are relaxed and never hurried.  And, I always have a bag of tricks with me to help you all if your little one is having one of "those" days when life is just a little too much!


Click to read more about the different types of session I offer.

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