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Mum wearing white dress sitting on the floor with her newborn baby during photoshoot with Surrey Newborn Photographer Rachel Fairfield Photography
Baby boy with his head being stroked by his mum during newborn photoshoot with Rachel Fairfield Photography based in Esher, Surrey

If you have found your way onto my newborn page, then you must be looking for a Surrey newborn photographer, so I want to say a huge "Congratulations!". I know that this is SUCH an exciting time for you!

I'm sure you have so many questions and you're probably wondering how to find the best newborn baby photographer for your family.  There are many newborn photographers out there, offering different experiences and different styles of newborn pictures, so here is some information about a newborn photo session with me, to help you decide if I'm the right Surrey newborn photographer for you. 

My style of newborn photography is natural, relaxed and beautifully simple.  My sessions are baby-led which means that we take things at baby's pace and there are no silly outfits or unnatural poses, just gorgeous pictures of your baby and all those amazing details you won’t want to ever forget.

 I realise it can be overwhelming leaving the house with a newborn baby in those first few weeks, so I always have supplies of anything you might need, little nappies, wipes, muslins. I also have caffeine to give you a boost, if needed.  One of the benefits of my newborn sessions taking place at my purpose built home studio is that there's no need to rush around tidying the house or decluttering the bedside table before your session :-)


After you have arrived, settled in to my homely lounge area, and have a drink in hand, I will take baby from you and very gently start off by wrapping them nice and snug, to ensure they feel secure and relaxed. I will position baby for the best light and capture all of their delicious details by gradually unwrapping baby, step by step. At each stage there is an opportunity for parents and siblings to be involved with a gentle kiss, or holding of a hand. You are welcome to stay right by me while I take pictures of baby, or equally you are welcome to relax on my sofa, enjoy a hot drink and even log into my wifi and have a rare moment of peace. The choice is absolutely yours.


As I photograph baby, I love to capture whatever your baby wants to do – a stretch, a yawn, and of course, capturing those amazing tiny new fingers and feet. We then take pictures with baby being held by parents and any siblings, which is always one of the most special parts of my newborn sessions.


The session usually lasts around 2-2.5 hours, but sessions are never hurried and I always allow 3 hours as all babies are different and it's important to allow lots of time for cuddles and feeds, if needed. The ideal time for a tiny and sleepy newborn photoshoot is between 5-21 days of a baby being born, however, I frequently do newborn sessions after this time where you will start to see baby having more awake time and when more expressions and interactions are seen.

  • When should I book?
    An ideal time to book in for your newborn session is once you've had your 20 week scan, or as soon as you know you'd like to book a session with me. I only take on a limited number of sessions (between 10 and 12 per month) therefore I do frequently get booked up a month or two in advance. Having said that, I do sometimes have some last minute availability due to changes in sessions already booked.
  • How do I book when I don't know exactly when my baby will arrive?
    I only take on a fixed number of sessions per month, but once you're booked in with me, we can move the day and time of the session around to suit when your baby decides to come. I always allow lots of flexibility in my diary so that I can offer you different options, depending upon whether baby comes early, late, or if you just need a bit more recovery time.
  • What should I bring to my newborn session?
    When you book your session with me you will also receive my Newborn Session Guide. This gives you lots of information about what to expect, what to wear and what to bring with you. If you do have any other questions at all, please do ask :-)
  • I'm not sure how I'm going to feel after my baby arrives, can I delay the pictures if I need more time?
    Absolutely! Having had three children myself, I fully understand that you don't know what type of birth you will have and you don't know how you're going to feel in those first few weeks. The beauty of my relaxed style of photography is that I can get beautiful pictures at any age and have photographed "newborns" up to 4 months. After you've booked in, if you feel you need a bit longer to recover, before your session, we can just delay a little :-)
  • We don't want our pictures shared online, is that ok?
    Of course, I will only ever share pictures taken during a session with the written permission of the family. I fully respect your right to privacy and will never share images unless permission is granted.
  • I don't have anything to wear for my session, do you have a client wardrobe?
    Yes! In 2020 I decided to start a client wardrobe so that clients would always have something beautiful and flattering to wear to their session, helping them to feel their very best. The client wardrobe has been a huge hit and I'm adding more and more pieces as time goes on. Mostly the dresses are white/neutral colours and feature delicate lace, broderie anglaise fabric or embroidery. They are usually stretchy so they're flattering on the post-partum figure and they look stunning in the studio. When you book your session with me you will receive my Client Wardrobe Guide showing you all the beautiful dresses you can choose from. You can wear one of my dresses for the duration of your session, or you can wear your own thing for the majority of the session and then change into one of my dresses for the parent pictures, if that's more comfortable for you.
  • My children (or husband!) are very shy and don't like their photos being taken, can you help us get some lovely family pictures?
    Yes! I have three children myself and know how to connect with the little ones and get them on my side. In fact, I will often prioritise connecting with the children very early on in the photo shoot, to ensure they warm to me and that we can get some lovely pictures for you. I always have a list of silly games that we can play (or sometimes a list in my back pocket that they can choose from), to get them to have fun and enjoy themselves. If all else fails for the really little ones, I usually carry bubbles and sequins with me to pick them up when they need it :-) It is usually the ladies who book the photo shoots and sometimes the husbands are also a little reluctant to have their pictures taken. Sequins and bubbles might not work for them, but there is always so much focus on the children that they relax into the pictures. The dads often say, on the walk back from outdoor photo shoots, that it has been much more enjoyable than they were expecting and that they loved the relaxed time with their family.
  • Are you trained and insured?
    Absolutely! I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance. When I first started as a newborn photographer, I trained with some of the absolute best newborn photographers in the UK and Europe, who specialise in my style of authentic, baby-led newborn photography. I have a diploma in Professional Photography and I also continue to invest in professional development and training so that I can deliver to you the absolute best pictures that I possibly can, in the safest possible way.
  • What if my baby doesn't "perform" on the day?
    I think this is something lots of parents worry about but honestly, it's never been a problem! In all the hundreds of newborn sessions i've done, I've never had a baby where I didn't deliver a beautiful gallery of pictures. Having had not only three babies myself but having had a newborn consultant spend time with me during the first few weeks of my newborn days, I have a really good understanding of newborns and can help you settle your baby if they're unhappy. If it's not hunger or a dirty nappy then it's usually a little burp that's got stuck, or they've been awake too long and need a good nap! Awake baby or asleep baby, rest assured we'll get beautiful pictures that you'll treasure for a lifetime.
  • My baby is older than two weeks, is is too late?
    No, it's definitely not too late! Babies are more likely to be sleepy and curled up within the first two weeks of life, but we can still capture amazing pictures after this time. After two weeks you'll start to see baby have more awake time and you'll see them starting to interact with the outside world more, and this is also gorgeous to capture. I do recommend that you get in touch as soon as you can to ensure I have availability as I do sometimes get quite booked up.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from recent newborn sessions.  If you think I might be the right newborn photographer for you, please do get in touch.  I'd love to get to know you!


My session fee, taken at the time of booking, is £125 for a weekday session and includes:

  • A relaxed 2-3 hour session in my studio including sibling and family pictures 

  • Access to my beautiful client studio wardrobe (details will be sent upon booking)

  • My newborn session guide which gives you all the information you should need about what to expect, what to wear and what to bring.​

  • My time spent selecting the best images from your session, and hand retouching each individual image

  • A private password protected online viewing gallery of at least 40 images


You can then choose from the below collections:

Mini collection £375 (payment of the Mini Collection is due by the day of your session)

  • Your favourite ten images as high resolution digital files, and low resolution files for web/social media use, sent by download. *

Light collection £475

  • Your favourite twenty images as high resolution digital files, and low resolution files for web/social media use, sent by download. *

Complete collection £575 (this is my most popular collection)

  • All of your images as high resolution digital files, and low resolution files for web/social media use, sent by digital download

  • £50 towards a sitter or cake smash session (to be booked within 12 months)

Deluxe collection £865 

  • All of your images, as high resolution digital files, and low resolution files for web/social media use, sent by download.

  • £50 towards a sitter session or birthday cake smash session (to be booked within 12 months)

  • Your favourite ten** images as a beautiful personalised Box Set. These prints are 10"x7", with a 11"x14" mount included and come in a stunning linen box with a crystal and copper USB containing all of your images. Click here to see my favourite product.


* Additional digital images are available to purchase at £35 each.

**Upgrade to receive your favourite 15 images for an additional £50

Please note there is an additional fee of £50 to include extended family in the photos.


Newborn Pricing
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