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What should I bring to my newborn/maternity session?

When you book your session with me, as well as your contract, you will also receive a newborn session guide or maternity session guide. This will give you an idea of what to expect at your session and what you should bring with you for each session. If you do have any other questions at all, please do ask :-)

What if my baby comes early or late?

When we book your newborn session we usually put a booking date in the diary for around 14 days after the expected due date. We also put an "early" date in the diary, and a "late" date in. This means that whether your baby comes on time, early or late, I will have space for your newborn pictures.

What steps are you taking to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases?

In some big studios there may be a large number of families coming through the doors each day. My studio is part of my family home and I work part time, so I only ever have three or at an absolute maximum four families coming into my studio in any given week. I always ask families to sanitise their hands when they arrive. I sanitise the doorbell, door handles, the fabric I use in my studio sessions, touch points in my bathroom, waiting room and studio, in between each client session. I am more than happy to wear a mask throughout the photo session so please do let me know if that is your preference. I am personally tripple jabbed with the Covid-19 vaccine and my entire household also recently had Covid-19 in late 2021 so I consider myself well and truly boosted. In addition, to provide my clients with extra reassurance, I am taking regular lateral flow tests. If I consider that either myself or members of my household may have coronavirus, I will inform you so that we can reschedule your session. Equally, I ask that you also do the same, in order not to put anyone at unnecessary risk.

When is the best time to book my newborn photo session?

The best time to book your photo session is after your 20 week scan as that way, you can be sure I will have space in my diary for your pictures. I sometimes have last minute availability due to moving other clients arounds, but I can't guarantee it, so I suggest you book in advance if you can. We will book your session for around 14 days after your baby's expected due date.

What if it rains on the day of my outdoor photo session?

I always keep a close eye on the weather forecast when I have outdoor sessions booked in. If there is a chance of a bit of drizzle, we will likely go ahead and hope that we escape the showers, but if the forecast is looking very wet, I will contact you the day before to reschedule your session.

My children (or husband!) are very shy and don't like their photos being taken, can you help us get some lovely family pictures?

Yes! I have three children myself and know how to connect with the little ones and get them on my side. In fact, I will often prioritise connecting with the children very early on in the photo shoot, to ensure they warm to me and that we can get some lovely pictures for you. I always have a list of silly games that we can play (or sometimes a list in my back pocket that they can choose from), to get them to have fun and enjoy themselves. If all else fails for the really little ones, I usually carry bubbles and sequins with me to pick them up when they need it :-) It is usually the ladies who book the photo shoots and sometimes the husbands are also a little reluctant to have their pictures taken. Sequins and bubbles might not work for them, but there is always so much focus on the children that they relax into the pictures. The dads often say, on the walk back from outdoor photo shoots, that it has been much more enjoyable than they were expecting and that they loved the relaxed time with their family.

How can I book?

If you are interested in booking a photo session with me please send me an enquiry via email/text or phone. Once you have decided that you would like to go ahead and we have found a time/date that works for us both, I will ask you to send me the names of all those I will be photographing, your address and your phone number. That's so that I can prepare your contract and send it across to you for signing. Your contract can be viewed and signed electronically on your phone/tablet or computer. I will also ask for payment of your session fee, to confirm your booking. You can then choose which collection you would like to buy, once you have seen your images.

Are you trained and insured?

Absolutely! I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance. When I first started as a newborn photographer, I trained with some of the absolute best newborn photographers in the UK and Europe, who specialise in my style of authentic, baby-led newborn photography. I have a diploma in Professional Photography and I also continue to invest in professional development and training so that I can deliver to you the absolute best pictures that I possibly can.