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Mum wearing white dress sitting on the floor with her newborn baby during photoshoot with Surrey Newborn Photographer Rachel Fairfield Photography
Baby boy with his head being stroked by his mum during newborn photoshoot with Rachel Fairfield Photography based in Esher, Surrey
Family with mum kissing her newbornn baby's head, taken during newborn photoshoot with Surrey Newborn Photographer Rachel Fairfield Photography

If you have found your way onto my newborn page, then you must be looking for a newborn photographer near London, so I want to say a huge "Congratulations!". I know that this is SUCH an exciting time for you and your family!

I'm sure you have so many questions and you're probably wondering how to find the best newborn photographer for your family.  There are many photographers out there, offering different experiences and different styles of newborn pictures, so here is some information about a newborn photo session with me, to help you decide if I'm the right baby photographer for you. 

My style of newborn photography could be described as authentic, baby-led, relaxed or natural newborn photography.  There will be no silly outfits or unnatural poses, just pictures of your baby and all those amazing details you won’t want to ever forget.

 I realise it can be overwhelming leaving the house with a newborn in those first few weeks, so I always have supplies of anything you might need, little nappies, wipes, muslins. I also have caffeine to give you a boost, if needed.  One of the benefits of my newborn sessions taking place at my purpose built home studio is that there's no need to rush around tidying the house or decluttering the bedside table before your session :-)

After you have arrived, settled in to my homely lounge area, and have a drink in hand, I will take baby from you and very gently start off by wrapping them nice and snug in stretch jersey cotton, to ensure they feel secure and relaxed. I then place them on my newborn baby bean bag and start to take your newborn pictures, gradually unwrapping baby, step by step. At each stage there is an opportunity for parents and siblings to be involved with a gentle kiss, or holding of a hand. You are welcome to stay right by me while I take pictures of baby, or equally you are welcome to relax on my sofa, enjoy a hot drink and even log into my wifi and have a rare moments peace. The choice is absolutely yours.


As I unwrap baby, I love to capture whatever your baby wants to do – a stretch, a yawn, teeny fingers and of course, capturing those amazing tiny new feet. We then take pictures with parents and any siblings, which is always one of the most special parts of my newborn sessions.


The session usually lasts around 2 hours, but sessions are never hurried and I always allow 3 hours as all babies are different and it's important to allow lots of time for cuddles and feeds, if needed. The ideal time for a newborn photoshoot is between 5-21 days of a baby being born, however, we can still get beautiful pictures after this time.


If you can, it's best if you book in for your newborn shoot right after your 20 week scan. This way I can book out a few slots around your due date, to make sure I always have space for you, whether your baby comes on time, early or late!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from newborn baby sessions in my photography studio in Surrey.  If you are looking for authentic newborn photography in Surrey, or have questions about a newborn session or any of my studio sessions, please do get in touch!

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